About James

James Deng, Ph.D., is an experienced technical professional focused on biotechnology product marketing on digital platforms, drawing from strong scientific expertise and a deep understanding of business and customer needs.

He is adept with diverse talents developed through extensive product and technical content management and hands-on biomedical research and development experience. James earned his Ph.D. in Integrative Biology by discovering new mechanisms for proteins implicated in prostate cancer and infertility. Afterwards, he worked on novel antimicrobial therapeutics research & development as an NIH-funded postdoctoral researcher.

James’s distinct experiences have provided him the ability to adapt to new dynamics and leading change: scientific research has delivered analytical and creative problem solving skills; teaching has granted a mentoring opportunity and the ability to communicate complex issues by breaking them down into simple ideas; and even initially majoring in computer science has offered insight and expertise in solving technical challenges.

In his spare time, James is unplugged and enjoying the great outdoors.